Last year I started a new tradition. I had a Bible passage that had spoken into my life, leaving me chewing over His Words throughout my day. It was so deep, so impactful that I made it my life passage for 2014.


For those who have followed my blog, even for a short time, you most likely have come across this passage in my writing (this post for instance). As I allowed His Word to flow through me this year, I realized this became my prayer asking Him to become the foundation in my life. I even chose the word “Rooted” to be my word for my year back in January of 2014.

And how true this word came to be.

Over the last month, I struggled to decide if I would find another verse and word for 2015. So many passages and praises came to mind, but none struck the chord in my heart as my 2014 Words did.

Now, I had read the entire book of Ephesians numerous times this past year. I literally listened to chapter 3 every week as I made my morning run. Yet, somehow I missed the verse just prior to my passage and just after it. Somehow, my mind and my heart failed to catch the prelude until just a few short days ago…just in time for the New Year to take shape.

You know, Gods timing of course.

The prelude – I pray that from his glorious, unlimited resources he will empower you with inner strength through his Spirit. (‭Ephesians‬ ‭3‬:‭16‬ NLT)

And the Conclusion – Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. (‭Ephesians‬ ‭3‬:‭20‬ NLT)

The day I read this all too familiar, memorized chapter, I was asking God to simply be WITH me. I needed His peace, His strength and His comfort. I needed Him holding me and for me to confidently stand with Him.

You can guess what I heard for the first time as I heard each word.

[tweetthis]Abba is MORE than just with us – He is WITHIN us. [/tweetthis]

“Bethany from My glorious unlimited resources, I will empower you with inner strength through My Spirit…I am able through My mighty power at work within you Bethany, to accomplish infinitely more than you might ask or think.” (Based on Ephesians 3:16 and 20)

In the darkness of my early morning, I sat there realizing I had missed such a huge portion of this amazing Promise. It was if I settled for the cake without the icing or the car without the wheels. I saw the amazing power He promised in my 2014 passage but never connected where He places His Homebase to fully make my life count. He chooses us. He chooses to live, stretch, grow, empower and work WITHIN us!

You are never alone, He is WITHIN you.

You are never too far, He is WITHIN you.

You are never without hope, He is WITHIN you.

When you are at your weakest, He will shine WITHIN you.

When you seem strong to others, it’s never on your own – it’s Him working WITHIN you.

It looks like I will be spending another year trying to fully digest this reality of a life truly defined by His living and active presence WITHIN me. What does that look like? What does that feel like?

Here’s to a great start for 2015!


Bethany is an ICF trained Certified Professional Christian Life Coach (Christian Coach Institute Graduate), Motivational and Inspirational Speaker, mentor to women and an author. Bethany defines herself as a child of God who loves to use her passion for change to inspire others. She has overcome disabilities, wading through the trials and rewards of marriage and motherhood. She enjoys being a wife to Steve for 10 years and mother to three boys (ages 7, 5 and 2). She is a double brain cancer survivor, a 9 year veteran in the field of youth and children's ministry and has published poetry, featured blog posts for numerous ministry websites and children's ministry curriculum contributions. Bethany is currently working on her first book to be released this Fall as well as various freelancing projects. Bethany always welcomes new coaching clients and speaking opportunities!

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28 thoughts on “Within

  1. Great thoughtful post. I’ve read those verses many times, but never focused on this particular portion. It’s amazing what God can do in our lives when we really rely on his power.

    Great focus for 2015.

    • When I first read through this entire chapter in 2013 it blew me away. I think it’s these passages that gain meaning and understanding as we do life with and through Him. It just makes you crave more.

  2. Hello,
    This is my first visit to your blog. I loved the truth of your post. So wonderful that God’s word is alive, like fresh manna for our souls. Always something new there, if we are willing to read, meditate, and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit WITHIN us 🙂
    Blessings for 2105 – may you increasingly experience the joy, power, and knowledge of a life filled with His Holy Spirit.

  3. Bethany, love how you came to your word. How often we look at a passage and miss something, yet God definitely shows up in God’s timing and not our own. May 2015 be a year of knowing that God is indeed within you.

  4. I love this! What a beautiful word he has given you :). May he continue to make his presence know to you in how he reveals himself and his desires to you and gives you the strength from within to carry out his plans!

  5. Sometimes we get caught up in the width of the Bible – reading the Bible in a Year, etc and miss the depth – going deep into a verse and seeing it in your everyday life is very impactful! I love it! And then at times other verses – even the before and after – come more alive.

  6. That has been one of my favorite verses for a long time, but it is so inspiring to think about it again. Like opening it back up again so its power can be seen once more. Definitely needed that today!

  7. I love the idea of a yearly life passage! You have really chosen yours well, Bethany. I forget He is “within” me too often. I spend most of my time thinking He is this far away person, but you are SO right. He is within us and that is absolutely mind boggling incredible. Thanks for sharing this :)!

  8. I am doing a Bible study on Ephesians this semester. I am going to have to share your post with all of the girls in my group. Loved this!

  9. Beautiful experience, Bethany. I love how His Word comes alive – just at the right time! Thank you for sharing, and I look forward to reading more about how this Word will come alive for you in 2015. It’s an experience of faith, for sure.

  10. Fantastic truths here! God is WITHIN causing us to be a success in what we are living so that He will be glorified. These prayers He gives to your heart are a blessing and I am thankful you shared them. Reading your ” about” message with your lovely picture just blessed my heart in many ways. May he continually bless you as you abide in Him.

    In Him,

    • Dawn –
      And to think I’ve been considering changing-up that “About” section! Maybe I’ll just add to it? You encouraged me with these words today! Thank you for taking the time to share!

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