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UnMasked: Limited Edition SIGNED


If you are a LOCAL Brevard County, Florida resident, please email bethany@bethanyboring.com for a pickup order (saves shipping!). 

If you are interested in ordering more than 1 copy, please contact bethany@bethanyboring.com for a custom order. 

In this “Limited Edition” review copy of UnMasked, one word was discovered “out of place” in the first chapter. We have several in stock and would love to offer these copies at a discounted rate. What an easy way to get Bethany’s book at an unbelievable price! 

Do you feel like you are just trying to survive? Is there more to life than just going through the motions? Is it really possible to thrive again? In UnMasked: The Journey from Surviving to Thriving certified professional life coach and motivational speaker Bethany Boring reveals the lies that dare to mask your heart and the tools you need to thrive in freedom.

As the 2013 INCM Children’s Pastor’s Conference Service Award recipient, Bethany shares her challenges in overcoming disabilities, fighting cancer, juggling ministry, balancing family and finally discovering the courage to attempt to live an unmasked life. Through personal stories, humor and real experiences of Biblical unmasking encounters, she will help you rediscover what it means to truly dare to do more than just survive. It’s time to stand out and thrive! .

In these pages, begin to see your true self emerge as you discover:
• I am not disabled, but abled through Him
• I am not stuck as-is but free to dream as His
• I am not a disappointment but appointed by Him
• I am not lost but riding on His shoulders
• Where was God
• Where is God
• How to trust God if I can’t trust others
There is much more to life than just surviving through the motions. It’s time to go beneath the mask and begin your thriving journey!

Bethany is an ICF trained Certified Professional Christian Life Coach (Christian Coach Institute Graduate), Motivational and Inspirational Speaker, mentor to women and an author. Bethany defines herself as a child of God who loves to use her passion for change to inspire others. She has overcome disabilities, wading through the trials and rewards of marriage and motherhood. She enjoys being a wife to Steve for 10 years and mother to three boys (ages 7, 5 and 2). She is a double brain cancer survivor, a 9 year veteran in the field of youth and children’s ministry, active blogger and has published poetry, featured blog posts for numerous ministry websites and children’s ministry curriculum contributions.


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