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Looking Forward

We are looking forward a lot these days.

Forward to Matthews next pediatrician appointment this week.

Forward to my appointments with neuro and Dr A (remember him?) sometime by the end of the month (most likely following another rescan and bloodwork).

Forward to Matthews hearing retest.

Forward to Matthew to be fitted with hearing-aids.

Forward to interviews (Steve and I have both been to quite a few lately!).

Forward to Josh's graduation.

Forward to the day Caden will FINALLY want to go potty…ON the potty!!!! (I had to include Caden here somehow!).

It has been so nice to finally be feeling good again and having enough energy to go out with the family! We have been to the beach, McDonalds, Turkey Creek park, other parks, the mall, a few stores….it's been so relaxing! Matthew is an easy baby (thus far) and is great on trips! We even have the van seating finalized…Josh and Caden LOVE watching the baby while we drive!

My back is doing better 🙂

We have a lot going on for the rest of this month between Matthew and myself regarding appointments. Please keep these appointments in your prayers!


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I am an ICF trained Certified Professional Christian Life Coach (Christian Coach Institute Graduate), Motivational and Inspirational Speaker, mentor to women and an author. I am an author, blogger, ICF trained Certified Professional Christian Life Coach, Motivational and Inspirational Speaker and encourager. More than anything, I define myself as a child of God. I simply desire to use my passion for thriving (getting every single drop out of life) to inspire others. I have overcome disabilities (coloboma vision-loss, severe hearing-loss and a small right arm). I am a double brain cancer survivor. I use the story God has given me to move beyond what I am surviving and thrive in His promises. I enjoy being a wife to Steve for over 12 years and mother to three boys (ages 9, 7 and 4).

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