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I Need Help

I remember staring, aimlessly, half-awake at the blaring computer screen. Those three words just stood there, alone, as a simple yet profound blog title. “I Need Help.

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As a volunteer small group leader for Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies, I pass the study blog posts right on to my ladies. It’s a routine for me to wake-up, read the blog post and then send it out to my group for deeper discussion. But today was different. What glared through my computer screen was this title:

I Need Help.

That was it.

No post.

No content.

No explanation.

As I scrolled down, the comments took my breath away. The prayer requests just left me in awe. So many women were willing to share their hearts in such a vulnerable way, because of these 3 little words:

I Need Help. (See the original post here)

Do you?

Can you admit that?

Is it okay to say it? Really?

When I read this post back in November of 2014, I was praying hard for my next steps. I knew I wanted to help others in some way, but I felt completely lost as to how, where or even when. I was a cancer survivor raring to take on my second chance at life, without a clue where to go. I was desperately searching for answers. My patience was really wearing thin. These three words broke me. I needed God’s hand to guide my steps. I needed to trust more and move less. I needed to be still in His hands.

Do it again

I needed help. 

Just 1 week later I landed on the Christian Coach Institute website and my certified professional Christian life coach journey began.   

And you know what?

I will always need help.

Everyday as I rise and listen intently to God’s Word, I am reminded how God truly is the Alpha and the Omega…and I’m not. His plans will always prove to be better than mine, each and every time. He is my source of strength and my source of life. I will always be dependent on Him.

I will always need help. (and I am proud of that too).

God, use me like Leah. Even though her eyes were seen as dull, you used her to bring forth a great nation. (Genesis 29)

God, I want the faith that Moses’ mom demonstrated as she placed her boy into the basket that difficult day. I want you to hold me like you did Moses. (Exodus 2)

God, I want to listen to you like Peter and find coins of wisdom in every fish of the sea. (Matthew 17)

God, I want to be content with being me, fully in need of You and thriving in a life that dares to do more than just survive.

God, I need You. 

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I am an ICF trained Certified Professional Christian Life Coach (Christian Coach Institute Graduate), Motivational and Inspirational Speaker, mentor to women and an author. I am an author, blogger, ICF trained Certified Professional Christian Life Coach, Motivational and Inspirational Speaker and encourager. More than anything, I define myself as a child of God. I simply desire to use my passion for thriving (getting every single drop out of life) to inspire others. I have overcome disabilities (coloboma vision-loss, severe hearing-loss and a small right arm). I am a double brain cancer survivor. I use the story God has given me to move beyond what I am surviving and thrive in His promises. I enjoy being a wife to Steve for over 12 years and mother to three boys (ages 9, 7 and 4).

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