Consider This As My 2 Week Notice

Dear Family,


[tweetthis]As of this hour, Christmas is just 2 weeks away. This is my 2 week’s notice.[/tweetthis]



As of this hour, Christmas is just 2 weeks away. To you three, my dearly loved children, I know this still seems like an eternity of waiting. To my amazing husband, yes, it really is only 2 weeks away…hint, hint.

The next few days, you will see me doing many activities in and around our nicely decorated home. I will be baking several dozen Christmas cookies for teachers gifts, cookie exchanges, neighbors and friends. You may not eat these finished products. You may not lick the mixer, the bowl or the drops that may have splattered into the counter tops. Yes, I love you too. But seriously, no.

I will be making a Christmas Eve and Christmas Day meal list. Just because you never had this dish prepared before does not mean it isn’t worth trying. Can you imagine if your birthday was celebrated the same exact way every year? I think Jesus us perfectly content with us changing things up a bit.

And to my kids, I purchased two stickings for mommy and daddy this year. We decided we have been really good and Santa should share a bit of love with us in this way this Christmas too. Do not move our stockings. They make me smile. Yes, I love you too. Don’t move mommy’s stockings.

The reason I prepare these things is so that we can welcome Jesus into our traditions and into our home each year. I get so excited when I think of what God is doing in each of your lives. I love you and I can’t wait to celebrate Jesus’ birthday as a family in a few short weeks.

But seriously, no more climbing the Christmas Tree. You have been warned.

Just consider this as my 2 week notice.


Love you,



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38 thoughts on “Consider This As My 2 Week Notice

  1. You make me laugh! Your kids are climbing your Christmas tree! I need to see video of this ;). And I love your manifesto that Jesus enjoys a variety of celebrations–amen! I’m stealing that one when my kids (now in their 20s) insist that we have the same thing we had last year and the year before because somewhere along the way it became ‘a tradition’ (beware, ‘tradition building’ can take as little as happening once 😉 ). Thank you for the chuckles!

    • Oh Anita – trust me…you do not want a video of our crazy lives! This was a fun post to write, finding humor in the very things that tend to turn my mommy world spinning. Writing does that for me – offering release and a new perspective. Thanks for jumping right in!

  2. How precious is this, Bethany! Thank you for sharing this lovely note to your family with us. And I particularly like your “two week’s notice.” Climbing the Christmas tree? That made me laugh out loud. Sounds like you have a lively bunch, friend! Merry Christmas to you and your family. It’s a joy to be your neighbor at FMF!

  3. This is just so stinking cute! You’re just saying what the rest of us want to–with wit. Love it. What a blessing to look forward to Christ’s Day!

  4. I need a nap after reading your to-do post. 😉 But it reminded me I’ve got lots to do, including putting up the tree…a fun task my son and I will take care of. I’ve pared down on some activities over the years and don’t bake nearly the volume I used to. I instead gave myself a break by focusing on preparing the favorites (frosted banana bars, candied popcorn (commonly referred to as “Christmas crack”) and a few things I share with neighbors. We will be having Christmas Eve and Day here so let the list making begin!

  5. Oh, you’re post made me smile – right after my heart dropped at the realization that I only have two weeks!! I haven’t decorated, shopped, or hung a stocking – I’ve been focusing on more of the heart stuff, (and procrastinating) but tonight, the tree goes up! My husband and I always do stockings for each other too – so fun. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas. Blessings, FMF neighbor.

  6. Beautiful letter!!!! There are many things to do before Christmas come, but may God give us the opportunity to enjoy this time with our love ones

  7. Two weeks!! Oh, my where did the time go? I did finally get the tree decorated so in my book I am ahead of the game. Good luck keeping yours off the tree for the next couple of weeks.

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