Satisfying The Craving
What are you craving right now? Seriously, stop just for a second and allow this thought to run wild through[...]
Happiness Is Overrated
It was the evening that completely changed my life.  It was a normal day. I woke-up, greeted my parents. Made[...]
Your Hidden Gift
I was a teenager alone in a dark bedroom with a flashlight and a pen. There was a fire burning[...]
How To Make The Decision That Sticks
There I sat, staring endlessly at yet another complex notebook piece of paper. I had one squiggly line drawn down[...]
When You Can’t Hear God’s Voice
I caught my youngest child in an intense battle with Siri. All he wanted was Elmo. That was it. How[...]
He Left Me
His feet buckled as he reached for the knob of our front door. My heart pounded as I swallowed hard.[...]
Your Words Speak
This week I received a Facebook message that left me completely speechless. It contained two lines of text from a[...]
Running On Empty?
I was completely alone, cruising down the highway in my empty minivan. The radio sent sound-waves of energy through my[...]
I Need Help
I remember staring, aimlessly, half-awake at the blaring computer screen. Those three words just stood there, alone, as a simple[...]
Happy Birthday Jesus
A few weeks ago I was approached with the opportunity to teach the 1st through 2nd grade class at my[...]
Goals a la Christmas Box
As the beige and dingy cardboard box made its way down from the attic stairs, my heart would would beat[...]
What HE Said
How do you approach Christmas when believing in miracles simply seems impossible? On December 25th, 2011 I stumbled beneath our[...]
#UnMasked And Thriving Series: Tara
Our UnMasked And Thriving series continues with Tara this week. Tara and I first connected through our blog posts. Soon,[...]
#UnMasked And Thriving Series: Miranda Miller
I am so excited to kick-off our new "UnMasked And Thriving" series today! While writing my book "UnMasked: The Journey[...]
Share Your UnMasked Story
One of the most valuable and too often overlooked gifts we possess is our STORY. God has brought us through[...]
Imperfection Is Overrated
I just stared, in horror, looking at the book that I was so thrilled to be finally holding in my[...]
The #UnMaskedBook Is LIVE!
I promised that I would update when "UnMasked: The Journey from Surviving to Thriving" goes live. That day is today![...]
#UnMaskedBook Launch Week Is Here!
I can't believe the time has finally arrived! As many of you already know, "UnMasked: The Journey from Surviving to[...]
#UnMasked Is Coming
Have you ever had one of those moments where your own words come back to whisper in your ear? On[...]
#UnMaskedBook Launch Team
My finger just stopped. The mouse cursor taunted me as it hoovered over the "Post" button. Honestly, this was not[...]

Bethany is an ICF trained Certified Professional Christian Life Coach (Christian Coach Institute Graduate), Motivational and Inspirational Speaker, mentor to women and an author. Bethany defines herself as a child of God who loves to use her passion for change to inspire others. She has overcome disabilities, wading through the trials and rewards of marriage and motherhood. She enjoys being a wife to Steve for 10 years and mother to three boys (ages 7, 5 and 2). She is a double brain cancer survivor, a 9 year veteran in the field of youth and children's ministry and has published poetry, featured blog posts for numerous ministry websites and children's ministry curriculum contributions. Bethany is currently working on her first book to be released this Fall as well as various freelancing projects. Bethany always welcomes new coaching clients and speaking opportunities!

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