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As I glanced through the faces staring intently back at me, expecting well-connected words to come fluently from my mouth, I was reminded that this was a new beginning for me. Beginnings are so exciting, yet so unpredictable. Beginnings require faith and an authentic desire for real change. 

Yet, was this change going to cost me too much? 

When a complete stranger from New York told me at the end of an unexpected phone call that I should consider public speaking, I laughed about his comment for days. It wasn’t until retelling this humorous conversation to others that I seriously considered his advice to join a local Toastmasters International club. 

I keep thinking how incredibly uncomfortable it is to speak in front of complete strangers, sharing parts of my life that I feel reveals God in a new way. Yet, I’ll tell you the truth…I’m completely hooked! What an unpredictable ride this has been, simply stepping into the unknown and going, “God, I am completely freaking out right now and I need You to glue my feet to the floor before I high tail it out of here right now!” He did too. I realized everyone in that room shared a beginning very similar to mine. They stayed. They grew. They became better communicators, stronger leaders and confident in new beginnings. 

A week ago I presented my second speech and to be truthful, my least prepared for speech ever. Yet, it was videotaped. As I watched my fast pace, my speedy verbiage and so many other critical concerns on my end, I also noticed an excitement in myself that has been missing for so long. I see a passion, a new faith and a commitment to make this beginning one that will stick for the long haul. 

May you experience a new beginning that will indeed bring you closer to God too. 

Feel free to view my speech video and be encouraged to step out and try something new! 


This is my third Five Minute Friday post! Join us #FMFParty 

About the Author Bethany

I am an ICF trained Certified Professional Christian Life Coach (Christian Coach Institute Graduate), Motivational and Inspirational Speaker, mentor to women and an author. I am an author, blogger, ICF trained Certified Professional Christian Life Coach, Motivational and Inspirational Speaker and encourager. More than anything, I define myself as a child of God. I simply desire to use my passion for thriving (getting every single drop out of life) to inspire others. I have overcome disabilities (coloboma vision-loss, severe hearing-loss and a small right arm). I am a double brain cancer survivor. I use the story God has given me to move beyond what I am surviving and thrive in His promises. I enjoy being a wife to Steve for over 12 years and mother to three boys (ages 9, 7 and 4).

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Mindy Rogers says August 2, 2014

Bethany! I found you on LisaJo’s linkup and your post touched my heart. In the past couple of years I’ve began speaking about God’s work in my life too and can completely relate to the “glue my feet to the floor” feeling! Thank you for sharing!

Vicki H. says August 2, 2014

So proud of you! God is using you in an exciting way!

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