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There I sat, staring endlessly at yet another complex notebook piece of paper. I had one squiggly line drawn down the middle with my “Pros” and “Cons” columns both even. As I held my pen tighter hoping that perhaps another brilliant point would suddenly appear, hopelessness began to creep in. […]

How To Make The Decision That Sticks

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I caught my youngest child in an intense battle with Siri. All he wanted was Elmo. That was it. How hard could it possibly be for a technological genius to understand a 2 year-old voice? Well, click the video below to find out! Let’s face it, we have all been […]

When You Can’t Hear God’s Voice

He left me 2 4
His feet buckled as he reached for the knob of our front door. My heart pounded as I swallowed hard. No way was this actually happening. I knew this day was coming. I’m not sure he did. As the yellow school bus veered around the corner, I grabbed his hand […]

He Left Me

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This week I received a Facebook message that left me completely speechless. It contained two lines of text from a college professor I had not spoken to since graduation. Yes, posting one picture up on social media prompted him to share a piece of encouragement. The message was simple, yet […]

Your Words Speak

Running On Empty 1 6
I was completely alone, cruising down the highway in my empty minivan. The radio sent sound-waves of energy through my body. The wind rushed through my hair. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw empty booster seats. I am a mom of three young boys. I am a […]

Running On Empty?

Do it again
I remember staring, aimlessly, half-awake at the blaring computer screen. Those three words just stood there, alone, as a simple yet profound blog title. “I Need Help.” As a volunteer small group leader for Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies, I pass the study blog posts right on to my ladies. […]

I Need Help

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A few weeks ago I was approached with the opportunity to teach the 1st through 2nd grade class at my home church. The assignment, if I chose to accept it, was to guide this class through the first three Sundays of December. As a former children’s minister of 9 years, […]

Happy Birthday Jesus

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As the beige and dingy cardboard box made its way down from the attic stairs, my heart would would beat loudly with excitement. As a young teenager, I had taken up the job of decorating my room for Christmas (even if I was the only one to enjoy the scene). […]

Goals a la Christmas Box

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How do you approach Christmas when believing in miracles simply seems impossible? On December 25th, 2011 I stumbled beneath our Christmas tree almost bald, broken, uncertain and questioning this baby in a manger Who promised me life. My battle with brain cancer forced me to dig deep into God’s Word […]

What HE Said

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Our UnMasked And Thriving series continues with Tara this week. Tara and I first connected through our blog posts. Soon, we began to catch one another ¬†on Periscope as well! I am so honored to share her UnMasked moment here today. Please see her bio and links after this post […]

#UnMasked And Thriving Series: Tara